Sloughbottom Fans: Athlete Series

Over the next couple weeks we are going to be featuring some customers who have given us some great feedback on our products! The first couple posts will be from some elite athletes that Sloughbottom Pastures is honoured and proud to be “fueling”.

This is the second post in the series, and is from Kelly who is an Ultra Runner. He is very  humble about his achievements but we are continually amazed by what he can do!

In July 2016 Kelly ran the Sinister 7 Ultra Marathon. It is a 100-mile mountain trail through a remote area in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. He ran the entire course in 25 hours and 8 minutes!

(Photo description: Kelly stands at the finish line under an archway that says “Sinister 7 Ultra”. He is smiling, wearing a medal, and holding a bottle of wine.)

This year, he is hoping to get drawn to run in two 100 mile races – The Western States is North America’s oldest 100 mile race and Hard Rock is one of the most difficult.

He has entered into the Canada 150 – a 150 mile race on the Trans Canada Trail to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1st.

His most important race next season will be the FatDog 120 mile race. It’s Canada’s most challenging mountain Ultra. He ran it last year and is hoping to run it in under 37 hours this year.

He says, “I first heard about Sloughbottom Pastures from an online advertisement.  We had been looking for a reliable source of farm beef ever since we moved here from Alberta and are very glad we tried Sloughbottom.

“Our test run was an order of ground beef.  The quality of the product was awesome.  Justine made the process simple by bringing the beef to Saskatoon and meeting me in a convenient location.  From order to delivery it’s a very simple and pleasant experience.

“I do a fair bit of running and try to be conscious of only using quality food products in my household.  Sloughbottom has met and exceeded my expectations.  I have shared their beef with my family in Alberta and British Colombia, and they love it as well.

“Anytime I need a refill of anything Justine has been helpful keeping my freezer well stocked.

Keep up the great work!”

Thanks Kelly for the great review, and best of luck in your winter training for your full schedule of races next summer!


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