Sloughbottom Fans: Athlete Series

Over the next couple weeks we are going to be featuring some customers who have given us some great feedback on our products! The first couple posts will be from some elite athletes that Sloughbottom Pastures is honoured and proud to be “fueling”.

Today’s post is from Lane Britnell. He is a Strength Coach and Sports Nutritionist in Saskatoon. Lane competed as an elite level track and field athlete, on the road to the Olympics in Pole Vaulting, until a fight with Crohn’s disease ended his career prematurely. It was at this point he took up coaching to pass on the lessons he felt so lucky so have learned as an athlete.

Though he doesn’t pole vault anymore, Lane’s latest endeavor is the Strongfirst “Beast Tamer Challenge” in which he must preform a strict pull up, pistol squat, and one arm press with a 106-pound kettlebell. Lane hopes to achieve this by spring of 2017.

(Photo depicts Lane lifting a kettlebell above his head while standing on a rock. The rock juts out over the churning waters of what appears to be a river in a forested area)

He says, “I  prefer Sloughbottom beef for many reasons. Basically, I actually know what I’m eating. I know the owner, where the beef is from, and what the cows ate.

“There’s a saying in the nutrition world: ‘if you don’t know what you food ate, you don’t know what you are eating’. It frustrates me to still hear the misconception that red meat is bad for us. The problem isn’t red meat, it’s what the meat ate. If the animal was fed properly, I actually consider beef to be a superfood.

“Grass fed beef has higher amounts of omega 3s, CLA, vitamin A, copper, and various other micronutrients we don’t get enough of these days. I recommend all of my clients eat meat and eggs from Sloughbottom Pastures.

“My favorite product is the soup bones! I simmer them with various herbs and spices for about 36 hours and then freeze it. I make an effort to drink some every single day as it serves me both as an athlete and as a Crohn’s patient. The high levels of protein, amino acids, collagen, vitamins, and minerals from grass fed beef bones are helpful for both building muscle and repairing gut lining. I either drink it straight, or blend it up with carrots and coconut milk for a nourishing soup.”

Thanks Lane for the great feedback and for recommending us to your friends and clients. We love knowing that our food is helping you with both your Crohn’s and your amazing strength goals! 


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