Fall Delivery Dates

Please give us some feedback on our delivery dates and times! We need to know what works for you.

From now until the end of November, we are delivering every week, alternating between Friday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, meeting in the south end of Saskatoon

Let us know how we can make it easier for you to pick up your meat!

Scheduled Meat Deliveries:

  • Friday Oct 14, 1pm 
  • Wednesday Oct 19, 7pm
  • Friday Oct 28, 1pm
  • Wednesday Nov 2, 7pm
  • Friday Nov 11, 1pm
  • Wednesday Nov 16, 7pm
  • Friday Nov 25, 7pm

We would appreciate input on December delivery dates. Fridays work well for me because I am in Saskatoon already, but we may miss out on those folks who work during the day since it needs to be an afternoon delivery.

Help us help you – comment here, on facebook, message me or email me at justine@sloughbottom.ca- how can we make this more convenient for you?


Yours beefily,




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