Wet Feet

Today we had an early snowfall. It’s heavy. It’s wet. It’s icy. It’s cold. And underneath it all, it’s muddy.

Our animals needed a bit more pampering today but we also had a meat delivery scheduled this evening. I was a little frazzled throughout the day and among other things, I was worried about people not showing up. I have had a few folks forget or abandon their orders lately, and I felt like the weather was going to be a problem tonight.

The roads looked awful, but we are used to driving on slushy, messy gravel roads and slippery highways.

We got to the meeting place early, which gave me some time to breathe and relax.

Most of the customers showed up quite promptly which is always a relief! It made me step back and think of how grateful I am for our customers.

I know it’s not easy for them to coordinate their day to include driving to some random parking lot to meet a wet, dirty, bundled-up farmer, and buy a turkey out of the back of her truck.

These amazing people who trust us to feed their families, are splashing through muddy slush and sending e-transfers with cold fingers, getting their nice work heels wet and trying to coordinate picking their kids up from gymnastics.

These amazing people are determimed and dedicated to getting good food for their families even when it’s not convenient.

These amazing people are giving us their hard-earned money for a turkey that costs 4 times more than the ones in the grocery store.

These amazing people know why it’s worth it and they do it happily.

These are some amazing people.

We love what we do and we love sharing it with you. Our customers are what make it all possible.

So, from my wet feet to yours…..  

Thank you.

♡ Justine


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