When Good Food Feels Expensive

I get this question often: “why is your beef so expensive?”

I could drag you through the scribbles and calculations, talk about live weight and shrink and lean meat yield, or explain the commodity beef system – but I will give you the short answer instead.

We can sell our animals very easily at the auction mart in Saskatoon. This gives us a low, but decent, price – for a minimal amount of work. We consider this our “base price”.

To sell our premium beef directly to our customers takes more time, work, and expense, so we need to be able to get more than “base price”, in order to cover these expenses.

I organize a butcher date (this on its own is often stressful as our small-town abattoirs are very busy), and we need to pay for the processing of the beef.

I bring the beef home, spend about an hour organizing it into Variety Bags, and into the freezer it goes.

Then starts the marketing and advertising process where we find our wonderful customers who help us to empty our freezers so we can start all over again!

You can see that our expenses now must cover:

-base price

-butcher fee

-gas mileage for picking up beef from the butcher and for beef delivery day

-overhead costs (electricity, freezer space, yard security)


We are making this happen with a very narrow profit margin. Any profits we recieve go directly back into the business, either to improve the beef production or the customer experience.  For example, we recently had decals put onto our truck for easier visiblity during beef deliveries.

We love what we do and we are excited to spread the Sloughbottom Pastures beef love all over the province!

When good food feels expensive, remember all the hard work, time, expense, love and care that comes with it.

We have a deep gratitude to nature for providing us with the environment to grow this amazing beef, and we feel great thankfulness for our customers who support us.

Yours Beefily,



One thought on “When Good Food Feels Expensive

  1. Indeed!!! However your beef prices are right in line with the other producers and even close to grocery store. Beef is expensive right now regardless of its been raised properly and hung right and butchered with care. Like yours. 🙂 and its soooooo much work. I find it interesting that no one goes and asks Safeway why their beef is so expensive. Lol.
    So, thank you thank you for your time and all you do.


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